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Forum Tips

Forum Tips

Here you find out how to make the most of the features offered by the XSimulator Forum.

Forum Rules

Please ensure you are familiar with the Forum Rules before making posts, it will help prevent disappointment and save our hard working admin team a lot of work: https://www.xsimulator.net/community/threads/forum-rules.9527/

Our forum rules are straightforward, and there are only a few of them:

1. Do not write anything without real content just for collecting coins

Do not try to cheat our system or our moderators, and do not post an unnecessary amount of posts only to earn credits here. This will be detected quickly by us and can lead to a deletion of all your posts and lead to your account's permanent ban.

This includes one-word posts or concise sentences made within a concise period of time on our site! Please express yourself with complete sentences, even if it is not perfect English grammar. If you cannot decently express yourself, please be a silent reader here, but please do not post many short writings without real values.

Examples For Bad Posts:

Examples For Good Posts:
  • I like your motion simulator because...
  • I can't entirely agree with you because ...
  • I like to present to you the following ...
  • and so on ...
If you like a post or thread, use the rating box which sits below each post and use that one instead of posting a one-word-comment

We have a zero spam tolerance policy, and writing multiple bad posts will cause a ban on your user account. You can read here more about our coin rules.

2. Do not spam
We ban all spammers immediately permanently, without exception.

3. Behave respectful and friendly

4. Do not post illegal content or requests

This also includes anything that relates to pirating or contains weapons or porn stuff.

5. Only the English language is allowed
Posts in another language will be deleted without further asking.

6. Do not post excessive advertising
If you are a company, you can post from time to time in the marketplace section
if you want to advertise anywhere else send me a pm for our advertising plans

We will delete any postings without further asking with simple phrases like (except off-topic section):
  • looks, a good mate
  • Great work
  • Funny thing
  • Wow, funny
  • etc.
7. Do not ask for support via personal message (pm)
All support questions should be handled publicly in the corresponding support forum so that anyone with a similar question can participate in it.

8. Do not misrepresent other people's projects as your own.

Rules, Rights and Obligations of Commercial Entities

Original here: https://www.xsimulator.net/communit...and-obligations-of-commercial-entities.14837/

Rule 1 - XSimulator is first and foremost a community, with community diversity being a cornerstone of XSimulator success, growth, and vibrancy. Commercial entities are not permitted to post comments or views which undermine the diversity of ideas and approaches of the XSimulator community.

Rule 2 - XSimulator member threads do not exist for the purpose of commercial promotion, any reference to commercial products in member-initiated threads must be for the purpose of demonstrating a positive aspect of that commercial product that is specifically related to the thread topic, and no entity will seek to denigrate member views or approaches in any thread.

Rule 3 - A commercial thread section is hosted on XSimulator for the purpose of showcasing a diverse range of motion simulation related to commercial products. Vendors may post a summary of their product(s), answer member-initiated questions about their product(s), but not use a product-related thread as a form of ongoing advertising, for which XSimulator has other opportunities: https://www.xsimulator.net/advertise-xsimulator-net/

Rule 4 - While threads may be started by members to assist owners of commercial products, the XSimulator community is in no way responsible for commercial product support, or the resolution of support disputes. XSimulator requires any commercial entity posting or advertising on XSimulator to provide a link for their dispute resolution processes. Members are free to express personal views on Xsimulator about commercial products and support, but not to use Xsimulator as a platform for ventilating unresolved and ongoing commercial product disputes.

Rule 5 - Complaints regarding XSimulator moderation decisions are to be directed to the site administrator, any subsequent decision is final:
Personal Message - @RaceRay
Contact Us - https://www.xsimulator.net/contact-us/

Rule 6 - XSimulator periodically reviews policy and procedures, if you have suggestions for improvements please submit them to the site administrator:
Personal Message - @RaceRay
Contact Us - https://www.xsimulator.net/contact-us/

New Members - 5 granted posts needed before links can be used

New User are not allowed to post any links until they have 5 granted posts. All posts with links will be rejected automatically. This is to prevent spam.

New User get a notice on top of the forum and above the quick reply formular saying:

"Your are not allowed to post any links until you have 5 posts, it will be rejected to prevent spam."


Community Etiquette

Community etiquette is not always easy, particularly with so many people from so many different backgrounds and customs.

Remember members give freely of their time and expertise, so be respectful and first search the FAQ section and forum before asking a question. If you have a gruff response from a member it is likely you have not bothered to help yourself.

In general spamming existing posts to earn coins will be unwelcome and may result in a forum ban.

Please do use the like, dislike, agree, disagree, funny, winner, informative and the other options for an existing post as an abbreviation of a compliment or view, not an emoticon by itself in a separate reply.

Generally an emoticon or image only post is only acceptable when it truly captures the moment and in those cases it is usually a custom image that someone has deliberately gone looking for to achieve that end. It is like telling a good joke, it has to be well timed and appropriate to the flow of the thread. Here is an example where the thread is about speed controlled fans: http://www.xsimulator.net/community/threads/speed-controlled-fan-dirt-3.6137/#post-67199

Criticizing without first engaging with the community is likely to be regarded as an insult. You may well have and are entitled to post an opinion, but be mindful that there is a huge repository of combined member experience so be respectful and do a search on the topic beforehand. @SeatTime captured the essence of community expectation thus:

"Ask any of the members here, building a sim is not a straight forward process, what type of sim you build is not only a personal choice, but how you build it will be based on many things, technical background, what you may have access to etc...etc. There is really no best way. Members do have a life away from sims, so any information given and placed on this site is gold and will save you time and money. Be happy that this site exist at all and is manned by a great group of people. So you have to do a bit of reading and pose some questions ... think of it as a right of passage": http://www.xsimulator.net/community/threads/sim-builds-and-materials-used.6694/#post-74143

Thus members here all should value these points in there reply/posts :
- Positive and compassionate attitudes
- Honest recognition of own strengths and weaknesses
- Patience and diplomacy while debating
- Disciplined to remain on-topic
- Solo and cooperative problem solving
- Proper English posting and correct spelling as possible
- Pictures/videos are highly appreciated as a slandered universal language .

Be aware that all forum content is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported, or as noted in individual posts. The license requires giving credit to the original author for their original work. You can give appropriate credit by naming the author or preferably by a direct link to the source post.

Coins - How to get them and how to give them

The XSimulator forum uses virtual coins to encourage participation, and you can use these virtual coins to purchase time-limited access to plugins and downloadable files.

You can purchase week-long access to plugins for 250 coins, and the latest version of a plugin will be found here, with update notices also posted to the forum: http://www.xsimulator.net/community/marketplace/categories/downloads.1/.

If you download a file from the download section, it will cost you ten coins each time. No matter if you have a valid coin package or not. If you have a valid coin package, you can still download all the plugins.

In general spamming existing posts to earn coins will be unwelcome and may result in a forum ban. If you need coins and have a project to test, then ask, other members can transfer coins to you, at the member's discretion.
Instead of spamming and if you do not can or do not want to create a building thread you can purchase a download package here:

That will give you a much better reputation instead of posting useless posts just for the sake of earning enough coins.

You can also transfer coins directly to a member from the recipient's user profile, or the 'Balance' link near the top right of the forum:


Member Map

It is possible that other members are located nearby, wherever you are, as we are a global community.

You can add yourself to and check out where others are via the Member Map: https://www.xsimulator.net/community/memberMap/

The Member Map will only show members who list their location in their personal profile.


Use GitHub or Gist for posting and linking code

If you have a large code project then using GitHub is a good idea, you can then post a link.

But often members have chunks of code they want some help with, in which case Gist is a handy way to go: https://gist.github.com/discover

Insert a video into a post

Upload your video to YouTube, copy its URL, then use the editor button to insert the video in your post, like this:


Please be aware that the tool here can't handle YouTube shorts, so the video URL has to be to the full YouTube site URL.

For any Firefox based browser you can add this plugin to convert from Shorts to full YouTube URL automatically: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/fi...la.org&utm_medium=referral&utm_content=search

Edit Your Own Posts

At the very bottom of your previous posts if you log in you will see the option to edit your submission.


How to start a new thread

To start a new thread first click on the Forums link in the menu toward the top left of the page and then choose the appropriate Forum topic area and click on that:


Once the Forum topic page has opened click on the Post New Thread button, give your thread a suitable name and add content to it:

New Thread.jpg

Watch Thread - Don't miss critical information

Some threads get updated all the time and contact valuable information, such as the latest discount for a game and where to get it.

A good way to ensure you don't miss critical updates is to 'Watch' a Thread, that way you get automatic notifications each time that thread is updated.

To Watch a thread just click the 'Watch Thread' just under the Select Language drop down box toward the right top of the thread page.


Use Google to find forum information & images

The site search function can be limited. However, as @Archie explains Goggle is useful to search the forum, particularly by images, plus @Archie's tip can be used to search threads by topic, such as 2DOF: http://www.xsimulator.net/community/threads/forum-searching-tips-for-images.7507/

Open up Google, and type:


Followed by the search query. You can use the "+" symbol to looks for all your words (search a phrase)

I searched for: best+angle+for+a+shoulder+mount
(so full text is: site:xsimulator.net/community best+angle+for+a+shoulder+mount)

Let Google do it' search and then click on Image in the Google search results.

You can see the results here:

Then click a picture that looks like it's what you need:

Then click the "Visit Page" button to go to the post that talks about shoulder mount angles:


Rate a post

You don't have to respond to a post to show what you think, instead you can add different types of ratings to an existing post, including thumbs up or down, agree or disagree, funny, designate the post a Winner, informative or friendly and many more. Just make a selection from the bottom of a post:


Watch (monitor) a thread

Watched threads keep you updated on threads you have created, participated in, or choose to be updated about by providing email notifications of activity.

By default any thread you start or reply to will become watched. This will generate an email every time someone replies as well as an alert on the alert's menu. You can change this behavior in your preferences.

To watch a thread without participating simply click “Watch Thread” on top of any thread.

How to quote a post

To quote a post simply click reply in that post.

The text will automatically be copied into your reply box.

To quote multiple posts in one reply, click reply on each post.

Private Messaging

Private messaging is like a forum thread but is a private conversations between 2 or more members.

To start a private message click on a member's name and click 'Start a Conversation'.

If a member sends you a personal message you will get a notification in your 'Inbox', located above any page right next to your account menu.



You can manage privacy settings from your account: http://www.xsimulator.net/community/faq/your-account-manage-your-own-stuff.83/

Privacy controls set who can view what on your profile.

Your options are all visitors, members only, or people you follow only. In lots of cases, visitors are restricted
by system wide settings as to what they can see without you explicitly setting anything.
  • Visitors are everyone including non members
  • Members are people who have registered here just like you
  • People you follow are people that you've chosen to follow by clicking “Follow” on their profile

Your Account - Manage your own stuff

You can access your account via your user name link toward the top right of the page.

There are a range of things you can control from your User Account:

• Edit your profile
• Add an avatar
• Change your preferences
• View your news feed
• Control your privacy options
• See what you have previously post


Upload pictures or files

Simple as a drag and drop :) : drag common files (like .txt) from your desktop or file manager and drop it onto the message, et voilà!

Other types of files that are not normally allowed, like STL 3D print files, can be zipped and the .zip file can be uploaded.


To add an attachment simply click “Upload File” and browse for the file on your computer.

You will have the option of inserting a thumbnail or full size image. Thumbnails are best to be considerate
of members with slow connections. If you don't chose either then thumbnails will automatically be placed
at the bottom of the post.



Alerts let you stay up to date with all the latest posts and information.

You will receive alerts when someone quotes your post or responds to a status update, when you receive a new trophy, and for posts you subscribe to.