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Licence & Installation

Licence & Installation


SimTools and XSimulator Partnership Explained

SimTools and Xsimulator.net are not one and the same thing, here @RaceRay explains the partnership between the two endeavors: https://www.xsimulator.net/community/threads/insights-into-simtools-and-xsimulator-partnership.9645/

  • The first part of the motion simulation ecosystem is the website XSimulator.net which is responsible for all aspects of doing community work and marketing like increasing the range and traffic of the community and the online visibility for topics like motion simulator hardware, software, and DIY construction documentary.

    The staff on XSimulator.net which includes me also maintains and runs the website and the forum download section where you can download all the latest plugins and the SimTools DIY version. The staff is also responsible for moderating the user-generating content to make sure that every post and article complies with our legal terms.

    For downloading plugins you need coins which you earn for forum activity or you can buy one of the download packages. Every money that is earned on xsimulator.net is invested in technical maintenance and improvement of the website and in marketing efforts to make the project more popular.

  • The second and same important part is the new website SimTools.us which is run and operated by our long trusted and very good friend and member Dustin aka @yobuddy. He is responsible for the development of the complex motion simulator software SimTools which can be downloaded on simtools.us as well as on xsimulator.net.

    For using SimTools you need a valid license key which you can only purchase on simtools.us or if you are qualified you can request a free DIY key*

    The income which is generated on simtools.us goes completely to @yobuddy to keep the development of SimTools alive and to compensate for the countless hours of work he did and will do in the future. This includes bug fixing, creating new functions, and other improvements to SimTools. Purchasing a license key ensures that SimTools will evolve in the future.

    So, please before trying to get immediately a free DIY license key, ask yourself if you just want to be part of the community or if you also want to support your work with Dustin financially. Your participation in our community is much appreciated and welcome but only financial support makes sure that SimTools will evolve in the future:cheers It also increases the chances that Dustin can work some time full-time on SimTools and that more resources are available to realize your feature requests.

I hope this post is answering all your questions. Besides that, I would be really happy if you like to support xsimulator.net by buying a download package and purchasing a SimTools license.

Registering and use tips for SimTools 2.0

How to Register SimTools 2.0: https://www.xsimulator.net/community/threads/how-to-register-simtools-2-0.9720/

Upgrading from the DIY to Pro SimTools license can be done by Log into SimTools.us. Use the email you purchased the Licenses with, and if you don't have a password, click reset password. There you will find an upgrade path for a DIY license to Pro.

Installing SimTools 2.0 on a domain: https://www.xsimulator.net/community/threads/installing-2-0-on-a-domain-read-this.9526/#post-122320

SimTools 2.0 Input Settings - The difference from SimTools 1.3 to SimTools 2 in setup is that in the Interface Settings instead of axis defined like this <Axis1> it now has designate grouping for a or b in SimTools 2 for each axis assignment, like this <Axis1a><Axis2a>

Backup 1.3 - Before you remove 1.3, you can backup this folder by making a zipped copy - C:\Users\(Your User Folder)\AppData\Local\SimTools

Then if you ever want to go back, simply install 1.3 and replace this folder with the zipped copy.

You can look up your SimTools license number, just log into SimTools.us: https://simtools.us/member-login/
Use the email you purchased the Licenses with, and if you don't have a password, click reset password.

Be aware that SimTools may trigger a Widows Trojan warning, it is a false positive, see the explanation here by the SimTools developer @yobuddy: https://www.xsimulator.net/communit...r-as-trojan-win32-rundas-b.10708/#post-138738

If you are using Google Chrome and there is a message that the download could contain malicious code, again it is a false positive, please ignore that message. Its a false positive error which only appears in Chrome.

SimTools (motion software) and Xsimulator.net (community and community developed plugins) are two separate entities, see here for details on the relationship and revenue arrangements between the two: https://www.xsimulator.net/community/faq/simtools-and-xsimulator-partnership-explained.275/

A SimTools license only covers the SimTools software, it does not cover access to plugins.

Access to plugins can be purchased with forum activity coins or real money: https://www.xsimulator.net/community/faq/coins-and-how-to-download-plugins.2/

What is the software licence covering both SimTools and plugins

The community software SimTools includes only a private license for non commercial purposes. If you like to use SimTools commercially ask us about details.

Potential Commercial Related Use Of Prototypes

Where there is a commercial intent related to project, even in the case of a DIY prototype, the proper place for that thread is in the Commercial Simulators and Prototypes section: http://www.xsimulator.net/community/forums/commercial-simulators-and-prototypes.52/

As per the Commercial Simulators and Prototypes section: "Any commercial affiliation, interest or intent must be disclosed, including as they pertain to DIY prototypes, and to protect all parties it is a requirement that any posting must be in the Commercial Simulators and Prototypes section. Commercial advertising is not allowed". The Rules, Rights and Obligations of Commercial Entities applies: https://www.xsimulator.net/communit...and-obligations-of-commercial-entities.14837/

Please read on from here for a background understanding of some of the discussions that have led to a clear separation between DIY non-commercial and other commercial related simulators and prototypes: www.xsimulator.net/community/threads/feel-vr-universal-affordable-for-home-use-motion-sim.6776/page-3#post-81042

SimTools Professional & Entertainment License - Where to Download Plugins?

For a company selling simulators to end users, they use the pro or entertainment licenses for their sales.
The company itself must have a plugin package from xsimulator.net in order for them to be able to download plugins. But they in turn can make them available to their users.

However they decide to make them available, whether it be plugin packages or a custom SimTools build with game plugins (made by the 'unreleased but finished' SimTools Company Tools), the spot must be private for their users only. (A random user on the internet should not have access to these files.)

If you have bought the sim from a manufacturer that sold it to you with a entertainment license, you can probably also get your plugins or a prebuilt simtools package with plugins from the seller.

If the seller doesn't have a custom simtools build or any plugins, or if the sim is self built, then you will need a plugin package to have access to the plugin themselves.

In the end, these plugin download packages helps maintain the xsim community and insures that the plugin community keeps growing, which is good for everyone.

More info of how simtools and-xsimulator works its partnership can be found here:

Ungrading a DIY license to Pro

You can upgrade a DIY license to Pro for $29.99.

Log into SimTools.us: : https://simtools.us/member-login/

Use the email you purchased the Licenses with, and if you don't have a password, click reset password.

There you will find an upgrade path for a DIY license to Pro.

Earning Coins & Giving Appropriate Credit - Community Etiquette

Community etiquette is not always easy, particularly with so many people from so many different backgrounds and customs.

In general spamming existing posts to earn coins will be unwelcome and may result in a forum ban.

Please do use the like, dislike, agree, disagree, funny, winner, informative and the other options for an existing post as an abbreviation of a compliment or view, not an emoticon by itself in a separate reply.

Generally an emoticon or image only post is only acceptable when it truly captures the moment and in those cases it is usually a custom image that someone has deliberately gone looking for to achieve that end. It is like telling a good joke, it has to be well timed and appropriate to the flow of the thread. Here is an example where the thread is about speed controlled fans: http://www.xsimulator.net/community/threads/speed-controlled-fan-dirt-3.6137/#post-67199

Be aware that all forum content is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported, or as noted in individual posts. The license requires giving credit to the original author for their original work. You can give appropriate credit by naming the author or preferably by a direct link to the source post.

Earning coins is based on participation and coins add up quickly. See here for details on how many coins you can get for what type of participation: http://www.xsimulator.net/community/faq/coins-how-to-get-them-and-how-to-give-them.74/

I have 259 coins! if I buy the weekly package I have 9 coins, Can I download a plugin if you I do not have enough coins?

I have 259 coins! if I buy the weekly package I have 9 coins. Can I download a plugin if you I do not have enough coins?

Yes, you can download them as long as your weekly plan has not been expired

Why am i are charged again with 10 coins for downloading a plugin if i already purchased the plugin in the past?

Why am i are charged again with 10 coins for downloading a plugin if i already purchased the plugin in the past?

That's regular behavior. You did not purchased rfactor2 plugin you only purchased time limited access to the download section with purchasing one of the download packages. We will change in near future that system, so you will not charged with coins again for downloading a plugin multiple times. Currently thats not possible from a technical viewpoint and we suggest you to backup the already downloaded plugins so you can install them to a later timepoint again.