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Motor driver


New higher Voltage / Amperage JRK's


Practical examples & video tutorial to JRK PID tuning


JRK setup guide @eaorobbie

Refer to Eaorobbie's post here for step by step startup :)

For a 2DOF, you need 2 JRK 12v12 boards. Each JRK drives its own actuator
  • JRK1 connected to COM4
  • SimTools "interface 1" sends the information for axis 1 to COM4
  • JRK1 sends commands of axis 1 to actuator 1.
  • JRK2 connected to COM6
  • SimTools "interface 2" sends the information for axis 2 to COM6
  • JRK2 sends commands of axis 2 to actuator 2.

from eaorobbie:
jrk wiring.jpg

How I wire a dc car battery, beware the rocker switches (red ones) have an internal led in them so the earth (gnd) connect is not needed if using ones that don't have a led in them.[
car battery.jpg

JRK Soft Start

Larger Terminal Blocks For 10AWG

JRK clip mounts

The 2M holes for mounting JRKs are very small. As a neat alternative to tiny bolts @Barry slightly modified these plastic clips, which allows you to snap JRKs into place: http://uk.farnell.com/richco/ehcbs-...1675841?ost=1675841&categoryId=&categoryName=

@Barry explains that the plastic clip mounts have 'noses' on them, which he cut off with a Japanese saw and then filed a little to flatten top down just enough to let the JRK circuit board fit snug: http://www.xsimulator.net/community...-motorcycle-capability.5400/page-8#post-93175

The end result holds the JRKs firmly in place, yet they can be easily removed if necessary.


A layman's analogy guide to PIDs & PID Tuning

Now for many of us mere mortals the math and explanation of PID just sounds like gobbledygook!

The Wikipedia explanation will likely make your eyes glaze over: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PID_controller

So here is a simplified layman's analogy guide to understand PIDs and PID settings by @noorbeast, followed by practical examples and a video tutorial to JRK PID tuning by @Avenga76: http://www.xsimulator.net/community/threads/a-laymans-analogy-guide-to-pids.7649/

By Tim Wescott
This article will tell you how to implement a simple controller in software and how to tune it without getting into heavy mathematics and without requiring you to learn any control theory. The technique used to tune the controller is a tried and true method that can be applied to almost any control problem with success.

Attaching heatsinks to Jrk

Find the pot center using the JRK graph

Here is a simple handy hint by @bsft for finding the pot center location: http://www.xsimulator.net/community/threads/these-jrks-are-taking-the-pid.6390/#post-71140

Open the JRK utility program and go to the feedback tab, click "reset to full range", click apply, then rotate the pot shaft around and look at the JRK graph (top right hand corner double click it to make it bigger).

Turn the pot until it starts to show a reading of the line. Once the 50% mark is found set the lever and at that point mark the pot with a texta so the center location is known.

JRK settings for 4000+ RPM DC motors

JRK Reset Switch